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The Art of Liuli or Colored Glaze

Liuli or Colored Glaze, was the term used to describe glass during the Chinese Tang Dynasty. The material used in Liuli is actually adopted from the raw material used to produce precious crystal glass in the West. Crystal glass is made from a combination of glass and lead dioxide. While the proportion for mixing glass and lead dioxide varies from country to country, generally speaking, when the percentage of lead dioxide reaches 24% and above, the translucency and refractive quality of the glass reaches an excellent level. At the same time, the crystal glass is also heavier, softer and in prime condition for crafting into fine works of art. Liuli is comparable to European and American crystal glass products well-known for their high quality and is thus superior in price and quality to ordinary glass products.

The reason we have decided to call our product 'Liuli or Colored Glaze' instead of the more common term, 'crystal glass', is due to our belief that when the production of crystal glass has gone under the influence of another creative style and culture, it's creative essence will naturally differ from the West, hence the different name.

The term 'Liuli' was first found in the Buddhist Sutra. In the religious scripture, the 'Light of Liuli' signifies the elimination of greed and desire, illumination of the spirit of Buddhism and the spreading of the glory of Buddha far and wide.

During the Tang Dynasty, the Chinese nation prospered and its architecture flourished. A form of glazed pottery known as the 'Tang tri-colored glazed pottery' had already earned great fame in the region. A potter succeedded in experimenting with the pottery by adding an ancient eaves tile material used in construction and this produced the signature translucency that is associated with the world-famous 'Liuli' today.

Expressing the complete concept behind a work of art is extremely difficult and the same applies to a work of Liuli . We believe that its essence is best expressed through the translucency of the Liuli piece. Different sentiments are expressed by the different light sources that illuminate the piece. The fluidity of Liuli's hue and appearance has the ability to broaden one's mind and imagination. Its spiritual purity and dazzling array of colours paints a vivid portrait of the world we live in. For our Liuli products, the fluidity between hue and outlook is seamlessly bound together, achieving an effect that is sometimes powerful and sometimes subtle. Its translucency and unique hue brings about a sense of purity that makes it seem as if a mirror has been placed in front of us to reflect our own inner feelings.

Related Product(s): Necklaces