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Fortune Floral Blouse This gorgeous brocade blouse integrates traditional Chinese elegance with modern ...
Fortune Floral Blouse
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Masculine Royal Kung Fu Suit
I will never order from this company again! I returned some ..
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Thank you very much Miss Chen, it's greatly appreciated! The shirt is actually for my wedding!!! I'm so happy to have found it as it's a very nice shirt! Thanks again, Kevin Yarbrough....

Kevin Yarbrough, USA

Chinese Clothing, Asian Dress and Hanfu

Kung Fu Clothing and Shoes, Tai Chi and Wing Chun Uniforms, Shaolin Outfits, Wudang Taoist Robes, Wushu Costumes, Martial Arts DVD


Kung Fu Clothing and Shoes, Tai Chi and Wing Chun Uniforms, Shaolin Outfits, Wudang Taoist Robes, Wushu Costumes, Martial Arts DVD
Customer Testimonials

Testimonial by Lisa Kovacs, United Kingdom
I would just like to say how completely impressed I was with the service, quality and speed of this purchase. The time that it took to make the coats was unbelievable, and over a weekend too! I would order again without hesitation and have already mentioned you to others. There was just one thing I would change if given an option, the velvet coat, although very lovely, I would like to have been made with a heavier velvet (and maybe with pockets) so I could wear it as a winter coat. Of course, this is not a complaint, just something you may want to consider. Thank you very much for everything. Lisa
Testimonial by Ahorukomeye Jean Wycliff, Belgium
I don't really have to say much about your products, but I'll let the pictures to speak for me. I just wanna to say that it's great to order things on the Internet. I have misjudged this system before but you proved me was wrong. Anyway, it is nice clothes you got out here. Furthermore, I have just made my second order for the new style !! Thank you.

Testimonial by Sandy Lang, United States
I wanted to thank you again for a beautiful dress for my daughter’s First Communion. I have attached a photo of her in it. She looked so beautiful and we received many compliments on the dress. Thank you again.

Testimonial by Teresa Thiam, United Kingdom
I have been meaning to send you this for a while, so apologies for the delay. This is just a quick note to say thank you very much for all of your help with the purchase of my wedding and bridesmaid dresses, they were very beautiful! I've attached a couple of photos, in case they are of interest to you. Thank you once again.

Testimonial by Adela Su, United States
I am writing to send you photos for the "Review" section of your website. They are from the 2 wedding ceremonies I had, wearing a different Orient Touch dress each time! Everyone loved the dresses, especially my husband and myself. Thank you for being such an important part of our wedding days!

[WQP-8025] Cheerful Phoenix and Floral Wedding Dress

[WQP-2002] Zhang Ziyi Series - Enchanting Maiden Cheongsam

Testimonial by Cindy Wall, United States
This is my son and his wife, and my son and daughter. The wedding was very nice, but very hot for an outdoor wedding 91 degrees that day. Thank you again for all your help.

[MCX-6001] Chinese Kung-Fu Master Shirt
[MCS-6001] Mandarin Gown with Red Sash
[MKZ-6001] Cotton Kung-Fu Straight Leg Pants
Testimonial by Skye Gentle, United States
The gold silk dress for Dominique arrived today. She tried it on and it is beautiful. I will have to take it in a couple of inches at the waist in back but otherwise it fits perfectly. The bottom part swirls around just as she wanted it to. It was a good idea to make the lining stop at the knees so that the bottom would move more fluidly.

Now I have an important question. I have a feeling that some of Dominique's friends and their moms will be interested in purchasing dresses from you. Should we tell them you can custom make their design, as you did for us? Or would you rather they just choose from the designs shown on the site? It has been quite an interesting adventure having you make this dress for us. I've really enjoyed our conversations. Thank you for your patience and excellent communication and workmanship.

Testimonial by Thomas Weimar, United States


[MBX-6002] Mandarin Cotton Vest

[MJK-6009] Double Happiness Wedding Jacket
Testimonial by The Meddahmorphosis, United States

[MCS-6001] Mandarin Gown with Red Sash
Testimonial by Dara Hellman, United States
Beautiful and perfectly tailored! I love you folks! We got married on the set of jeopardy!

Magnificent Peony and Phoenix Cheongsam
Testimonial by Lynn Napier-Wong, United Kingdom
We got married in Hong Kong last November.... Both my husband and I live in UK but he originates in HK where most of his family still live. My dress was wonderful, beautifully made and fitted perfectly.. It arrived safely packaged and I was able to just pop it into my suitcase... no huge boxes to carry or worry about... As we flew to HK on 5th November which is fireworks night in UK. I chose the Fireworks dress and I was not disappointed. I know I may not look as wonderful as a petite Chinese girl would but I enjoyed wearing the dress immensely and had a wonderful day..

Thank you for your excellent service and such a well made dress.

Glittery Fireworks Cheongsam
Testimonial by Tracy Lee-Choon, United Kingdom
My boy friend and I were at our University May Ball this year. I was wearing this beautiful Orient Touch dress he bought me for my birthday!

Floral Sleeveless Cheongsam
Testimonial by Karla Leek, USA

Traditional Brocade Halter Top
Testimonial by Pia Azucena, United Kingdom

GeGe Blouse
Testimonial by Katharine Broom, United Kingdom

The dress is PERFECT, it is going to look stunning on my wedding day, I wanted something special and unique and that is exactly what I have got.

The top is gorgeous, the photos of your clothes are lovely but do not do them justice, the material and make of the items are excellent, you really have to see them to really appreciate the quality.

Thank you SO much for your excellent service, you have been fantastic!!

I will be telling everyone about your website and will definately be buying again.

Katharine :O)

Cheerful Phoenix and Floral Wedding Dress
Testimonial by Laura Maloney, USA
Thank you so much for specially making a robe to fit my fiance'. You guys are awesome!!! We will be customers for years to come!!! Have a beautiful day!! Love and Laughter always, Laura

Luxurious Dragon Embroidery Robe
Testimonial by Wanda Jordheim, Canada
Dear Sir or Madame, this is to let you know that my daughter's dress arrived today. It is absolutely beautiful. You have done an excellent job on it. We thank you ever so much for these beautiful dress. You have made her graduation extra special. Thanks again Wanda Jordheim

Dancing Dragon Brocade Cheongsam
Testimonial by Helen Young, UK
Wow you must have worked some magic. When i got home today my order was sat there waiting for me!!!! I apologise for being impatient, if only i'd hung on another day then i would'nt have had to bother you, however the speediness and thoroughness of your response was fantastic and I never would have realised the professionalism of your company had I not. Thank you. The dresses are absolutely stunning and I am extremely pleased with them. I shall definitely be wearing one this Friday. Thank you again and Merry Christmas!

Dragon and Phoenix Brocade Cheongsam
Testimonial by Veronica Rides, UK
My order arrived today - it's beautiful. Thank you for being so quick. My daughter will be thrilled at Christmas.

Dragon and Phoenix Brocade Cheongsam
Testimonial by Alan Fish, Australia
My order arrived yesterday. Thank you so much for efficiency. The garment fits reasonably well. I am happy with the overall service and product.

Analectic Long-Sleeved Shirt
Testimonial by Kyle E. Weygandt, USA
Received the Zhongshan Zhuang suit. This is the most beautiful suit I have ever seen and have worn! Please e-mail me when the other colors are available. I will be ordering more colors. I am letting other people in Ohio know about your business so they can order clothing. I have a lot of connections all over the USA and have e-mailed your web site to them. I have many friends from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and many other parts of Asia that live in this area that loved the Zhongshan Zhuang suit. I know they will be in contact with you!!!! I am a guess speaker all over USA and will wear your suits, I am sure this will also spark more interest in ordering from you. If you have some business cards I can give out, I would be more than happy to do that for you. (Shi-Shi..Ni ) Thank you! Sifu, Kyle E. Weygandt

Nationalism Suit - Zhongshan Zhuang
Testimonial by Brady Nichols, United States
Thank you so much for my dress! I wore it last week and got many compliments! I see now that it available online! I guess that means that you like it and thought it would sell! Does this mean I officially designed a dress? How Exciting! Thank you so much--I gave a lot of people your website!

A Scene of Prosperity Banquet Cheongsam
Testimonial by Jeff Johnson, USA
Thank you so much for doing a follow up on my order. I did receive it today in the mail 10/28/05 at 11:15am.. I was very pleased with the quality and I hope to have a great time wearing it to my party.. Thanks again...

Plain Kung-Fu Suit
Testimonial by Antoinette Blakey, USA
I am really impressed with the clothing and other things that your company sells. I have to admit that when I purchase things from your company, I hope that we Americans do not offend the asian culture by wearing the beautiful items that are meant for your culture. I wore my dress and the compliments that I received, I felt really good because all eyes were on me and people noticed the beauty and style that I was wearing. Thanks and I look forward to many coming years of being a consumer of the Orient and the graceful style that I love so much. Thank you. May God Bless You always. A Blakey

Dragon and Phoenix Brocade Cheongsam
Testimonial by Jennifer Gorman, USA

Saintly Maiden Adorable Lace Cheongsam

Impassioned Embrace Blessing Dress
Testimonial by Oystein Sveen, Norway
Just wanted to say that the clothes were perfect, both for my girl and me. Thank you!

Chinese Bawcock Silk Kung-Fu Shirt
Testimonial by Assad Ullah Khan, UK
Just recieved my clothing today, many thanks once again for your good customer service, the products were in great condition and I was pleasantly suprised , will do business with you guys again inshallah.

Chinese Kung-Fu Reversible Jacket
Testimonial by Trinh Pham, USA
Thank you so much... you guys are awesome!!! I apologize for taking forever to respond back to your company. I was out of town for the last week and a half, as a matter of fact, I believe I left town on the same day that the shipment arrived. I was very happy to see the package when I arrived home today. Anyhow, I just wanted to thank you guys for being so attentive and involved with my purchase and concerns. You guys have stood (emailed) by my side throughout the whole time and I am very much appreciated. It's not all for the arrival of the shipment that I am pleased with, but also for your consistant following through and responding to my concerns that I am most pleased with. Again, you guys have one of the best retail services that I have encountered...keep it up !!! Oh, by the way, the dresses and the fabric itself are beautiful, and I will make sure my friends know about your products and definitely about your great customer service. A very pleased customer, Trinh

Oriental Paradise Dress
Testimonial by Maureen Welsh, USA
I received my package today and the shoes fit perfectly! Thanks for your concern. I look forward to doing business with your company in the future.

Embroidery Lotus Shoes
Testimonial by Kevin Devereux, Poland
Thank you very much!!! I have recieved the items today.... very quick and efficient delivery... The Cozy Mandarin Kung Fu Suit is perfect and beautiful and fits great. Thank you very much I will be shopping with you again!!!

Cozy Mandarin Kung Fu Suit
Testimonial by Bob Upward, USA
I have recieved the gown and vest. They are absolutely wonderful! The fabrics and workmanship is much more beautiful that I had ever expected. Thank you very much for your assistance. I do look forward to future business with you!

Testimonial by Kerry & Margaret Taylor, UK
Many thanks for your email. I must say I am very impressed with your service and it's so nice that you are upgrading the postage for us. We look forward to receiving our items. You have so many beautiful things on your website that we are spoilt for choice. Expect further buy. Thanks again!

Embroidery Peony Silk Blouse
Testimonial by Phyllis Hall, USA
Hi - I got the beautiful Cheongsam in black that I ordered. It is truly gorgeous.

Dragon & Phoenix Brocade Cheongsam
Testimonial by Patricia Erickson, USA
I just received my order and want to tell you how beautiful the clothes are! I am delighted with the quality of workmanship and the exquisite fabric and design.

Midnight Twinkling Jacket
Testimonial by Gareth Evans, Canada
I got the order today and it is excellent. It fits perfect and wonderfully crafted. I will order more items in the future. Thank you very much.

Chinese Happiness Jacket
Testimonial by Lori Nacinovich, USA
Thank you for everything yhou did to get this to me on time!!! I look forward to future purchases with you...lori

Tea Utensil Set - Kung-Fu
Testimonial by Paea Tohi, USA
I just received my beautiful dress this morning!!!!!! Thank you for your speedy service and I know my niece will enjoy the dress.

Short-Sleeved Plum Blossom Cheongsam
Testimonial by Joshua Avellan, USA
Hello, I am emailing to confirm that I have received my order within the 10 day period. Thank you very much, I am happy and I wish good luck to your company and The People's Republic of China. I look forward to doing future bussiness with you kind people. Now I must go and practice Kung Fu. Thank you again, Joshua Avellan

Longevity Kung-Fu Suit
Testimonial by Annette Smithers, Canada
Received dresses yesterday. Thank you so much for your assistance in expediting this order. Annette

Flaring Brocade Cheongsam
Testimonial by Gregory Jepp, UK
Thank you for the speed you have delivered my order to me it was very impressive and the quality is great... I am very happy to shop with you.

Chinese Emperor Jacket
Testimonial by Pip Kewley, UK
I just wanted to express my delight at receiving my order so fast well beyond my expectation!!!! Thank you very much! I am very pleased with my Chopsticks and my friend “Panda” loves his Panda tie :O) Thank you again for your very swift service. Pip Kewley, A very Happy customer.

Chopsticks Superior - Qing Ming Shang He Tu
Testimonial by Paula Evanich, USA
The two Chinese jackets arrived at my home and they are lovely!!!! Thank you for your assistance in getting them made. I truly appreciate your help. Most sincerely, Paula Evanich

Relaxed Short-Sleeved Shirt
Testimonial by Michael Kozlowski, USA
The shirt is excellent and fits perfect. My family will be ordering more items soon and for the holidays. My 2 children are Korean so they love the Asian culture items, che che (thank you).

Relaxed Short-Sleeved Shirt
Testimonial by Lauren McFadyen, Australia
Thank you so much for all of your assistance and a big special thank you to Iris who was so helpful and keeping me informed each step of the way. Kind Regards, Lauren McFadyen.

Glorious Silk Peony Cheongsam
Testimonial by Ray Irving, UK
The silk shirt arrived today and I am very pleased with it. It fits well and is very well made. I thought you would like to see why I bought it for my stage/TV act as King Henry VIII of England. See my website for pictures, when I get some with the new shirt I will post it onto the site. http://www.HenryTudor.co.uk. Thanks.

Chinese Bawcock Silk Kung-Fu Shirt
Testimonial by Simon Rogers, UK
I have just received my first order from you and just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with it. In fact, I'm really very pleased. The service from start to finish has been great. I have even placed a second order! Many thanks again. With Best Wishes, Simon R

Chinese Kung-Fu Reversible Jacket
Testimonial by Patrick Allard, Canada
I would just like to thank you once more for everything you have done for me in the last month, I am very grateful for all your help. My friend is very happy with everything I gave her, she loved everything. Just to see her smile after seeing her recieve the dress I ordered for her was the best, and after giving her everything, it was wonderful to see her so happy with the gifts I have given her. Me being able to give her happiness, is all thanks to you and your help, I would not have been able to get my order in time or even have gotten the order without your help. You helped me to match things together, which I was not very good at doing. I thank you for everything. You should see her in the dress, she looks beautiful, and because of you I've gotten the chance to see her wear it. The dress you got made for her was perfect, and it suited her very well. Thank you for your help and your concern for my friend, all this was possible because of you, and I thank you once more. If ever I need anything of the orient style, I know exactly where I need to get it. You have lots of nice items and I know I can trust you with the items from your site. I hope that in the future I will be able to buy another dress from you. I know the quality of your goods are great and I know they will be again. So I do hope to buy something from you again. Your site will always stay in my favorites just waiting for the next day when I will be able to buy something else from you. Thank you again for all your help and everything you have done for me. I would not have been able to bring as much joy to my friend's day if I did not have your help. You help to bring my wish possible, just so that I could see her full of joy. Thank you!

Flaring Brocade Cheongsam
Testimonial by Peter Otto, Belgium
Good morning thank you for your very good transaction! We will continue ordering cloth from you and I have made advertisement for you already. Have a good week and hear from you soon. P.Otto

Reversible Silk Jacket
Testimonial by Patrick Allard, Canada
I finally received my package Friday night, and everything in it looked great, I loved the custom dress you got made, I cannot really describe how wonderful my friend looked in the dress, all I can say is that she looked beautiful, and she loved the dress. It's all thanks to you Iris, and I thank you very much for everything you have done for me. I am really happy that I was able to order wonderful clothes from your site. One reason I chose your site over others is because you were the nicest of all the help I got, and I know now if ever I need something I will get it from you no matter what because I know your things are great and are of good quality. Thank you again for everything you have done for me, you are the greatest. My friend is really happy with everything, and it's all because of you. I have the rest to give to her for her birthday in a few days and I know she will love it, because everything from your site is so nice. I looked at the shoes, the fan, the handkerchiefs, the hairpins and the windchims, and they are very nice, nothing was rip or broken, everything is perfect. I just know she will love them all. I have to give her the shoes, but if ever the shoes are a bit to small, would I be able to exchange them for one size bigger? I would just like to know, to make sure, I believe they will fit, but I will make sure first, I hope they do fit, so I will not need to bother you any longer with my things. But I thank you again for everything you have done, I appreciate it a lot. Thank you, and have a nice day!

Dragon & Peony Reversible Jacket
Testimonial by Merle Worth, USA
It's always so great to hear from you! You have a wonderful spirit! I've placed the order and hope that we'll keep on corresponding about delicious new items. And thank you for the compliment ("real keen taste"). I have a passion for Asian culture. Regards, Merle

Cool Mandarin Coat
Testimonial by Lori Faitel, USA
Beautiful, just recieved today! I will work with you more! Thank you! Thank you!

Chic Roses Jacket
Testimonial by Jeffrey Pekarcik, USA
I just picked it up now! It's gorgeous! Thanks again for your understanding. Your customer service is great! Orient Touch just made another life long member! I'll refer you to all my friends for their oriental needs! Jeff

Concinnous Floral Sleeveless Cheongsam
Testimonial by Petro and Lehua Hoy, USA
... You are so very nice to deal with and my wife Lehua and I will hopefully one day go to see you... Be well dear friend. Our thoughts are with you and again we thank you for your professional and friendly manner. We are richer by knowing you... You are in our minds and also in our hearts... You are always now in our minds... Thank You Thank you Thank you Iris. You are truly a wonderful person... THE UNIFORMS ARE FABULOUS. They have already arrived and I will try them on today. Lehua also says THANK YOU FOR THE TWO BAGS you sent for her they are cute and nice. Please be assured that will keep in touch and recommend you to others. Thank you dear friend, we sincerely have made a true friend. Your friends for always, Ambassador Dr. Petro and Lehua Hoy.

Chinese Happiness Jacket
Testimonial by Zelda Owens, USA
I want to let you know that my beautiful jacket came today, in Black size XL. It is just beautiful and also just like the old jacket that I have that is too small and then the cleaners ruined it. The new jacket has sleeves that are too long but I expected that and so I will just turn them up and make a cuff. The rest fits just right. Iris, I want to thank you and Orient Touch again so much for your kindness and ease in shipping from so far away. I had no idea that I would get my jacket so soon. I will visit your website all the time to see what else I can buy from you. Sincerely, Zelda

Silk Floss Wadded Jacket
Testimonial by Theo Koulouriotis, UK
How are you? is every body in your team well? ... The suit, the jacket, the shirt and the shoes arrived perfectly! The clothes are beautiful I am so pleased! Best Regards to you and to everybody in your team. Theo Koulouriotis

Tranquil Maiden Matching Set
Testimonial by Mila Mokiem, Netherlands
Thank you verry much for your service. Greets from Mila

Asymmetry Silk Cheongsam
Testimonial by Carol SingletonSlade, USA
Thank you for your customer service - I will surely want to come back and visit again. Carol

Cheongsam - Plum Blossom & Bamboo
Testimonial by Heather Kinnaird, USA
I cannot thank you enough for your help. I am so excited about the dress, and that it will be here in time. Thank you, thank you. I appreciate all you have done for me. I look forward to receiving the package. Sincerely, Heather Kinnaird

Blooming Peony Cheongsam
Testimonial by Kevin Yarbrough, USA
Thank you very much Miss Chen, it's greatly appreciated! The shirt is actually for my wedding!!! I'm so happy to have found it as it's a very nice shirt! Thanks again, Kevin Yarbrough.

Chinese Bawcock Silk Kung-Fu Shirt
Testimonial by Serge Gorodetskiy, USA
Hi! I've recently purchased several items on your website and have already received my order... Thank You Very Much Once Again! Serge.

Chinese Kung-Fu Master Shirt
Testimonial by Katie Widness, USA
The dress was a HUGE hit. I got many, many compliments on it.

Royal Embroidery Phoenix Cheongsam
Testimonial by Mary Geric, USA
Thank you! the dresses are beautiful and they arrived just in time for the show. Mary Geric

Cheongsam - Brocade Floral
Testimonial by Katie Widness, USA
The dress is beautiful!!! It arrived in ONE day. I couldn't believe it. Take care & it was nice chatting with you!!! Katie Widness

Royal Embroidery Phoenix Cheongsam
Testimonial by Gwen Lynch, USA
I would like to thank you for all your help you have given me to help my daughter with her final exam. Everyone loved her dress. I will recommend you in the future if someone needs your your web site. Again, thank you. Gwen Lynch

Short-Sleeved Plum Blossom Cheongsam
Testimonial by Patrick Allard, Canada
I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me, if it was not of you, I would have been lost from the beginning and would probably still be wonderring how to order and get a custom-made "Short-Sleeved Plum Blossom Cheongsam" style dress, thank you very much. I am truly thankfull that you were kind enough to put up with me and help me, I know my friend will love this dress and she'll be very happy, and it's all thank to you. Thank you for helping me and answering all my e-mails, even know I must have sent many and must have taken some time to reply me back, thank you for putting up me. Thank you. I was also wonderring one other thing, will your site be adding any hairpins soon? I would rather buy one from your site than another one, since you have been so kind to me. ... I also can't thank you enough for upgrading my items from 10 days Air Parcel to Expressed Shipping of EMS. Thank you very much for this, I just don't know what to say besides thank you, and so thank you very much. I'm just so excited to have the items come in to see the look on my friend's face, and it's all thank to you. Thank you. I will never forget your kindness. I hope I can keep ordering things from you in the future, nothing beats good help. I thank you once more, so thank you. Thank you. Patrick Allard

Asymmetry Silk Cheongsam
Testimonial by Katherine Widness, USA
Thank you. I have paid the remainder of the invoice through Paypal. Your service has been wonderful. I will wait now and hope it arrives on time!!! Can't wait to see it. Iris, thank you for your immediate attention and gracious service. I know this order had a few issues but you handled them with utmost courtesy and kindness!!! I will keep checking your site for other hot items in the future! Best wishes, Katherine Widness

Royal Embroidery Phoenix Cheongsam
Testimonial by Ayanna Edwards, USA
I just wanted to thank you for such fast delivery of the dress. It's beautiful and I will be shopping on your site for more items in the future. Thank a million, I really appreciate your fast, professional, and reliable service.

Flaring Brocade Cheongsam
Testimonial by Kimberly Gorman, USA
Hello! I wanted to let you know my package arrived today and everything is gorgeous! I love the pants and the silk vest very much, they are so pretty! :) The wax dyed top is a bit too short for me (I am 5'10") but I am sure one of my friends would love it as a gift! Thank you again for a wonderful shopping experience! Kim

Thai Silk Embroidery Vest
Testimonial by Tu Nuyen, USA
Many thanks for the shoes I got them today. They are beautiful and I will be ordering more. Thanks very much. Best wishes from Tu.

Water Lily Embroidery Shoes
Testimonial by Wilma Petrzelka, USA
Thank you very much for everything. Keep up the good work! You have a good customer service especially for responding E-mail so quickly, we (as customers) are satisfied doing business with you. I will keep in touch good bye! Wilma

Endearing Swank Silk Cheongsam
Testimonial by Sandy Johns, UK
Many thanks for the "Qin Terracotta Figures", which have arrived safely at my home.Thank you for the great care in packing and it was a pleasure to unwrap them to reveal the good quality of the figures. They were very important as they were a present for my mother Madge (pls see her and them in attached photo). We came to China a few weeks ago to celebrate Madge's 80th birthday, and saw the magnificent Terracotta Warriors themselves. Madge bought a small horse to bring back happy memories. When we got home to the UK it was not in her suitcase, and she was so unhappy. Now she is so happy to have this little one instead, which she had not thought possible. Thank you so much for the personal touch. I will certainly make other orders in future for special gifts for friends and myself. Regards, Sandy

Qin Terracotta Figures
Testimonial by Sandy Johns, UK
Many thanks for replying to my earlier e-mail. As a result of your most courteous response I have now placed an order and will certainly continue to be a customer. Thank you so much. Regards, Sandy

Qin Terracotta Figures
Testimonial by Kathy Kottich, USA
I wanted you to know that I recieved the dress in time!! It fits perfectly, I wore it to our school fundraiser's 'Around the World' party and I got SO MANY compliments on it!! I gave everyone that asked the name of your website! Thank you again. Kathy Kottich

Dragon & Phoenix Brocade Cheongsam
Testimonial by Aubrey Thorne Carey, USA
Thank you for the gifts you included in my order. I love the necklaces. And I really like the jackets and shirts I ordered. Thank you! Aubrey Thorne Carey

Chinese Kung-Fu Reversible Jacket
Testimonial by David Atkinson, Uruguay
Many thanks Iris! All delivered as ordered. Once again many thanks for your help and delightfully reliable service. I have no hesitations in recommending yourself and services to any one in the future. David Atkinson

Girlhood Butterfly Mini Cheongsam
Testimonial by Georgia Schilling
Xie-Xie! I have bookmarked your website! Georgia
Testimonial by Jon Harding, USA
I just received everything today, and I could not possibly be happier. The garments are high-quality, they fit well, and they were delivered very fast. I do not see this level of service and attention to detail very often. I am very happy with my purchase and I will be back to order more soon. Thank you and everybody else there, Jon Harding

Vigorous Dragons Silk Jacket
Testimonial by Janet Chang, USA
Thank you for your prompt reply and kind offers. The gifts from Orient Touch will be great items for my friends. I buy on-line daily and you offer better service than many sellers and you ship fast which is very important although I do hope your inventory will expand, the quality of your dresses becomes more consistent, and also improve the accuracy in the description of your fabric content as some of the dresses I received are not of pure Thai silk. I am looking forward to receiving my two new orders and thank you once again for your speed. Best of luck, Janet

Generous Embroidery Coat
Testimonial by Delaye Ly, Martinique
Hello, thanks for your email, it's an pleasure to purchase from you, it's very different from GxxOxx because when I have a problem with them, they never answered my emails, thanks a lot. ly

Exotic Wax-Dyed Cheongsam

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